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My new theme

Few days ago new WordPress 3.6 came out and while I was updating clients sites I decided to roll out my own theme. Before I used theme called “The bootstrap” from Konstantin Obenland which I enjoyed however my blog did looked very different from my own website. Today I had bit of free time so I jumped on gedit and bluefish and ta-da! This is the result šŸ˜€ It took me bit of time to create custom comments as I did not like the default way how wordpress displays it and I wanted to have something with RSS for new comments and permalinks for each comment (like forums have). It was really fun to build this hybrid theme. I hope so, you like it! šŸ˜‰

You may ask why blog these days, there is plenty of social networks out there? Good question. As you don’t see any useless “like buttons” to any facebook or other useless “social” crappy networks, I can say you are safe with your privacy here on my blog… Iā€™m indeed safe from all of spying rubbish and slicing out my private data for sale to 3th parties, plus I don’t get plenty of useless likes šŸ˜€

Its great to have own blog, you know its your own rules, like your very own world.. perhaps you may like to read this excellent post from Paul Bernal – 10 reasons to leave facebook as an example. Yes, I don’t have facebook myself šŸ˜€ but feel free to share links from this blog everywhere.

Uhm, next time I will compare some lightweight CMSs so you can share your thoughts here with me.

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