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Paypal Buy Now Link Generator App

So, I was in need to have few custom buttons for paypal like when emailing to clients. You know, each time you need paypal link for selling services or perhaps some products, you have to log into paypal and generate those so called button links. I found this a bit of waste of time, so I created simple solution for my self, which I released today to public for free to use.

I’ve created simple app which will run in your browser and no data would be sent over internet. You can specify price, your paypal email plus quantity. App it self will generate link for you which you just copy and paste whenever you would like to.

This simple solution is quiet good as you can use those links in emails or website (yes you can stick them behind pictures or your own buttons), pdfs etc.

App it self is absolutely private as I mentioned earlier and does not save any data, which means if you close window or reload the window in your browser, then everything will be lost and you will have to start over again. The ‘tools’ site does not even use cookies or any type of tracking software or databases and of course all connections are via ssl (https) only. All magic is happening in your browser (client side app).

This is good way to create as I call it disposable links very fast. Did I mention that you can use this from mobile devices? 😉

The app is here:

PayPal Buy Now Link Generator

Hopefully I will have time to create more apps in future, but for now, those are what I mostly use.


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