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Premium WordPress Services – SCAM


Today I received yet another spam email regards some yet another premium wordpress services from someone who claims to be named Akansha Singh.

Well nothing unusual, you know when your site is doing well in google search you will eventually get tons of spam. I decided to share my analysis regards this spam email with anyone out there who have limited knowledge about wordpress and services you can get.

The original email:


I found your website Via Google.

I am Akansha Singh, Representing one of the India’s leading WordPress Website Developing and Designing Company, we have exclusively delivered 500 + WordPressWebsite Designing And Development projects, we hold proficiency in catering WordPress services. With our excellent proficiency in developing and designing, we are able to design innovative and customized plug-ins, themes, localizations and brand specific layouts that perfectly meet each and every requirement of a WordPress page.

We are not just a WordPress website designing and development company but are also engaged in rendering top-notch services for innovative graphics, programming functionalities and extra-ordinary Level of customization services for a WordPress Store. In addition, we are eminent in the Industry for generating more sales through WordPress stores as we have developed advanced Skills for an effective SEO to augment the growth of a business. Also, we have expertise in making your Website Responsive to ensure its Mobile user-friendliness.

We are quality-driven company and meticulously check our projects at each and every stage so as to ensure a flawless delivery of the project.

Our Premium Services are:

• WordPress Installation and Integration
• WordPress Custom theme development and Integration
• WordPress CMS Development
• WordPress responsive design
• WordPress Plugin Development
• WordPress theme customization
• WordPress Blog Development
• WordPress Website Development
• Adding WordPress blogs to existing websites
• Migration to WordPress
• WordPress Multi user and Corporate Blogging

Additionally, we offer:

• Website Document type Analysis
• Header Tags Optimization for all important pages
• URL Optimization
• Optimization of italics and bold tags
• Optimizing HTML Code
• Analysis of non index able attributes
• Robots Optimization
• Image Analysis and Optimization of Alt and Title tags
• Hyperlink Analysis and Optimization
• Optimization of internal Navigation /linking structure and of external Links
• Analysis of Broken Links
• Page Content Optimization
• Checking of Canonicalization and setting up the proper Canonical Tags
• Website URL Redirection
• Optimized XML Site Map Creation for Google

Please let me know, if you are interested in availing any of these services? According to your response, one of our professional WordPress consultants will be scheduled for further communication.

For your knowledge our per man hour rate is US$ 15/Hr

Looking forward to your positive response.

Best Regards,

Akansha Singh
Marketing Manager

Other Details:

spf=pass ( domain of
designates as permitted sender);
dmarc=pass (p=NONE sp=NONE dis=NONE)

Email From: Akansha Singh –
Reply To: Allin Anup –

Other Details End

Please note: bellow of each points I am referring wordpress cms as an "wp"

Lets analyse this services they offer…

• WordPress Installation and Integrationnotice the word “integration” = scam! – basically wp install is legit but integration? – I have no idea what by “integration” word they are referring to – perhaps integration into web server or…? 😀

• WordPress CMS DevelopmentSCAM! We all know that wp is open source and there are people who developing wp. As proper devops they do have version control system in a place means every change to each file is tracked – by who, when and why. This is how all devops works (or at least they should). I use git my self for every single project I have. This also means if you found bug or you actively developing stuff regards wp cms it self – you will have to join their devops team and push your changes to them, once your useful changes approved it will become part of the wp cms. Without it – just do not trust it!

• WordPress responsive designagain I would consider this is scam! As its nothing premium – its a standard – I would say since 2014?

• WordPress Blog DevelopmentSCAM! WP it self is blogging platform ready to use..

• Website Document type AnalysisSCAM! and total nonsense

• Header Tags Optimization for all important pagesSCAM! WP does this for you automatically and you do not need to pay for this.

• URL OptimizationSCAM! WP does this for you automatically and you do not need to pay for this.

• Optimization of italics and bold tagsSCAM! and total nonsense

• Optimizing HTML CodeSCAM! WP does this for you automatically and you do not need to pay for this.

• Analysis of non index able attributesSCAM! and total nonsense

• Robots OptimizationSCAM! and total nonsense

• Image Analysis and Optimization of Alt and Title tagsSCAM! WP does this for you automatically and you do not need to pay for this

• Hyperlink Analysis and OptimizationSCAM! and total nonsense

• Optimization of internal Navigation /linking structure and of external LinksSCAM! and total nonsense

• Analysis of Broken LinksSCAM! you don’t have to pay for it, there are free plugins for this on website.

• Page Content OptimizationSCAM! and total nonsense

• Checking of Canonicalization and setting up the proper Canonical TagsSCAM! wp does this for you automatically.

• Optimized XML Site Map Creation for GoogleSCAM! and total nonsense

There you have it all explained. Additionally there is no link to their business website nor portfolio plus email did come from Akansha Singh – and it is asking me to send all replies to Allin Anup – which indicates that somethings is fishy right there.

I was thinking that I should block hotmail from my inbox years ago, since 99% of all spam comes to me from hotmail provider. I was a bit lazy to do so, but now I did reconsidered and completely blocked any emails from hotmail provider due to this spam issues.

Microsoft the provider of hotmail and outlook does excellent job to protects its users from spam, however Microsoft itself does not care about spam being sending out to anyone from their email platform – so why should I care about anything that is coming into my inbox from best spammers tool like hotmail or outlook, right? 😉

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