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Two weeks on #! linux

It is two weeks now since I switch to crunchbang #! now called BunsenLabs Linux linux and it is banging! 🙂

Well it just prove that debian is still great distro (at least for me it was since debian 6) and I cannot even believe that I was on ubuntu for 13 months. I did not left debian alone as I do work constantly with servers, however I wanted to try something new.. I did mint some time ago – I think it was version 6 when I discover it but I left them when they released version 10. Mint 9 lts was such great distro however it was still something for ordinary usage only same as ubuntu is. When I was looking at the new debian 7 I was not so happy with new gnome3… lmde DE was not my taste and xfce would do but still.. something was missing on it. Then I decided to try openbox – BINGO!

What an amazing DE, I can now fully focus on my work without all of those flashy useless desktop effects and that speed? You cannot describe it, you have to feel it. Mean while it is so great to have manually updated menu even when I have tons of apps installed, system is still clean, minimalistic and fast as bang. #!11 comes with all drivers for wifi – at least it works on all of the machines I’ve installed (yes it is debian7 but with all things on – what a dream!) and sound is managed properly this time as well. If you would say in simple way – it works out of box! 🙂

After simple installation which went as kiss, all I had to do is rewrite the genius conky to my way 😛 and add firefox and thunderbird with rest of software I love and my HP printer (works with #! without single problem). Openbox DE is I think best way for someone who needs work on machine with full focus.. for me as webdev and linuxer is cool to have icons on desk but since I do lot of video – tutorials and web development, openbox was like god sent DE. I need to say that kazam screen-casting tool did not worked for me for some reason but hey vlc (yap vlc media player) does the great job with all sound and mouse pointer for screen casting (you should try it out folks).

I think I fall in love with debian even more and I can tell I will never go back to ubuntu or possibly anything else. Folks if you really looking for stable, intelligent and fast truthfully open source debian distro with minimalistic gui go for #!. As I said ubuntu is nice for beginners and even my mum, brother and miss like flashy DE there is one single problem with it.. too unstable (for updates – yes it is sh#t and most of the things will get broken after updates) plus it is kindly spying on you.. needless to say it is become resources hungry same as windows.. 🙁 etc. There is plenty reasons anyway. I do love my #! and soon or later I will get in touch with the community there and will contribute some how to #!. (I think when you visit #! forums or irc channel you will find out that community is just friendly and open – something that ubuntu community can only dream about).

My next project will involve full multi-domain server running on #! to see how it will cope with virtualmin + webmin but I can sense that would be just breeze same as #! it self 🙂

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