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Let's talk if you have a project or an idea, that I can help you to implement

The best and the most comfortable way to talk to me is to send me an email to gs.topfreelancer@gmail.com or you can call me at 0790 555 8282. Please, point out what goals do you set, what's the deadlines and what budget do you have. I'll get back to you for an initial discussion about your requirements. I'm currently booking in projects to commence in .

Email me now?

I prefer to use encrypted email to enhance the privacy with end-to-end encryption. To send me encrypted email, use my GPG (PGP) public key.
The fingerprint = 661B 78A1 DD3C F214 A462 E0D3 3AB1 891F 0B10 10F0
The key is also available for download here.

Chat/instant messaging: My XMPP address is gs@jabb.im, so you do not need to ask me for any other user ID. Skype, Google Hangouts and MSN are like little islands that prohibit their users talking to people on other networks, so I don't use them.